Recieved 7 out of 27 achievments
How many days exactly?
Play Zaxar for at least 28 days after the first run
26 of February 2023 14:54
3D gamer
Play one 3D game
29 of May 2021 7:38
Win the contest «Photo of the day»
29 of May 2021 0:01
Novice gamer
Play one online game
28 of May 2021 15:34
Set profile cover
28 of May 2021 12:39
Learning the ropes
Set profile photo
28 of May 2021 12:38
Look at me!
Upload 100 photos
28 of May 2021 12:38
Reliable friend
Find 100 friends
I'm great!
Upload 1000 photos
Best of the best
20 wins in the contest «Photo of the day»
One is all I need
Win the contest «Player of the day»
Help fellow
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Busy, busy, busy
20 wins in the contest «Player of the day»
It was simple
Receive 1 ice cream
Sweet Tooth
Receive 100 ice creams
The bait
Give an ice cream
Need a hand?
Play online game with other players
100 points
Leave 100 comments
Leave 5000 comments
Play 20 games
The standard of humanity
Play 1000 games
People person
Write 1000 personal messages
The First!
Take first place in the ranking of players
Best player
Survive in the top five players for a month
Experienced gamer
Play 10 online games
Master of the game
Play all online games
Master of 3D games
Play all 3D games
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